"...and Christy's work has helped bring my leg back to a condition that otherwise wouldn't have been possible trying to do this on my own. I can feel that she cares about my well being in a way that wasn't like what I had experienced at any of the physical therapy clinics."

~ Steve B. from Davis, CA
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Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls
The body is a vehicle that carries the brain. The brain uses spinal nerves to relay messages to the body so that it functions in predetermined patterns. The body has innate, self-corrective responses, which are stimulated by way of the proprioceptive nervous system reflexes, located in our joints and muscles. Emanating from the brain and spinal nerves and enveloping the body is an outer body or aura. The triplicity of the body, mind and Spirit work in harmony through a specific focus. What we are motivated to identify with works to establish reality.”
Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls, D.O.
Teacher/founder of the Society
of Ortho-Bionomy® International

Ortho-Bionomy was developed in 1976 by Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls, a British osteopath and martial arts instructor. Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle form of bodywork that has evolved into a unique, complete system of natural healing based on non-force handling of the body's tension. This safe, natural method ranges from gentle bodywork to the esoteric energy techniques used by advanced practitioners.”

The benefits of Ortho-Bionomy are achieved through the body's own self-corrective reflexes. Reflexes are monitored by the practitioner as old memory patterns in the body receive new information and are replaced by healthy patterns.”   (quote from: www.ortho-bionomy.org)

The term "Ortho-Bionomy®" comes from "ortho" meaning correct or straight, "bio" meaning life, and "nomy" meaning the laws of or study of. Dr. Pauls defined the term then as "the correct application of the laws of life." He stated, "Ortho-Bionomy is really about understanding your whole life cycle. Naturally, we focus on the structure because that is the literal skeleton upon which our life is built. When your structure works right, your circulation works better, you feel better, you think better." (Kain and Berns, 1992)

Ortho-Bionomy uses gentle movements, comfortable positioning and light compression, designed to work with your potential responses for maintaining a natural alignment and balance. The techniques are supremely effective while working with the nervous systems of the body to promote relaxation.

Ortho-Bionomy promotes relaxation, restores and assists you in re-learning how to be comfortable in body, mind and spirit. When your body is freed from stress and imbalance the opportunity for natural healing occurs. With each change you experience you will begin to feel comfortable, and learn to trust and consciously work with the your innate self-healing abilities.

The following list of statements reflect the philosophy of this bodywork/energy style therapy.

  • Find the preferred position or pattern. Exaggerate the preferred position, which leads to a spontaneous self-correction. (Dr. Pauls)

  • The Relaxation Reflex. Move away from tension, pain to ease. When there is pain on any level the person will move away from pain into a position of relief or comfort. When a place of support or comfort is found the nervous system is able to release dysfunctional holding patterns. (Dr. Pauls)

  • Go slowly and gently. Less is more. Do all movements according to what is appropriate to the person’s she needs. Her inner senses are the guide. (Dr. Pauls)

  • Allow time for a ‘Follow-On’ response (Dr. Pauls). After the completion of movement(s) let the body complete the finishing movements (ie. releases).

  • After all release movements have ceased, pause 3-10 seconds, more or less. Then take a long, relaxing breath. Quietly relax and allow time for spontaneous stretching and releasing movements created by the client. (Dr. Pauls)

  • For every action or impetus there is an equal and opposite reaction called the “re-bound” phase. The body can readjust itself during the re-bounding actions. (Dr. Pauls)

  • Be Nonjudgmental. Accept what is. Each person/soul has a unique and personal sense if timing or rate in the process of learning. (Dr. Pauls)

Change can only come about when the self corrective instincts of the body are summoned in such a way that the body does not resist change. Anything beyond this is force, which when applied too much, leads only to the rebellion of the self instead of a re-unification of the harmonic whole.”

Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls, D.O. Teacher/Founder of Ortho-Bionomy®

Ortho-Bionomy® is a registered trademark of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International, Inc. and is used with permission.

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