"...and Christy's work has helped bring my leg back to a condition that otherwise wouldn't have been possible trying to do this on my own. I can feel that she cares about my well being in a way that wasn't like what I had experienced at any of the physical therapy clinics."

~ Steve B. from Davis, CA
Standard Massage, Cross Fiber Massage,
Swedish and Esalen Massage
For Health Care and Nurturing Your Body
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Massage Studio Description
My office is carefully arranged to create a quiet, secluded room for a relaxing massage. I use quiet soothing music or sounds of nature, essential oil fragrances or pain- relieving lotions to help to relieve stress or pain.

Your Visit: The Massage Appointment Protocol

Recording New Client History: I ask questions such as,

  • How can I help you today?

  • Do you have pain?

  • Does it extend to any other area?

  • Is there anything else I should know?

  • What changes do you expect after a massage?

  • What are your goals for today's massage?


AFTER I have a clear understanding about what your goals are for this session, I leave the room briefly so that you can prepare for the massage. Your options are that you undress down to underwear or be fully dressed. If you are undressed, you are to cover yourself with the sheet and/or blanket on the table.

On The Table:

During the massage program I uncover one area of your body at a time. For example, when I work with your feet, the rest of your body remains covered.

When you are lying on the table my first procedure is to assess your posture. Then I arrange pillows and folded towels beneath and around you to relieve pressure points or painful areas so that you can to begin to relax.

dressed client on the table 

The Massage

I usually begin with massage the feet and lower legs in order to allow you to become familiar with my touch. I use long, slow moving strokes while applying the precise pressure that is needed to release any tension that I detect just below the surface of the skin. This slow, gentle approach allows me to explore carefully and discover the areas of the body or muscles that feel knotted or tense.

If I detect evidence of swelling, injury or inflammation in the muscles I adjust my massage to the condition of the sensitivity of the tissues. I gently repeat the massage on each tender or tense area at least two or three times. As I work I ask, 'How does that feel?' or 'Am I using the right pressure?'

In a short period of time her body relaxes her breathing becomes quiet and deep. A sense of ease fills the room as I continue to work quietly, calming and smoothing away knots and tension from the muscles. I continue in this style of work until it is time for the closure of the session.

Closure of The Massage Session

As the massage period comes to a close I use longer, slow and deeply calming massage strokes in order to give you a whole-body sense of the changes in your body. I close the massage by slowly and quietly withdrawing from the room so that you can rest quietly for 5 minutes or so. The 'rest period' is most important because it gives you time to let your body and take in the positive effects of the massage.

The Results

The results of this style of massage are many:

  • The slow, gentle approach to a deep massage helps your body to relax, release tension and pain in slow and easy stages.

  • Stress and fatigue melt away. You regain of a sense of new vitality and strength.

  • Residual shock, spasms and tension patterns caused by traumatic events and accidents of the past are relieved.

  • Stiffness, scar tissues and injuries, old or new, are gently and slowly released.

  • Frequently, changes and soothing results of the massage are so significant that after the massage the client will try a stretch or two and then say, 'Wow, I feel so much better and I can move more easily now.' Or she will say, 'My hip feels so much better than when I came in.'

client feedback

After The Massage

After we discuss the massage I will ask if you still feel any stiffness or pain. If the answer is “Yes”, I will apply a bit more of a warming oil or lotion, or suggest a movement or stretch to ease what was not detected by you while you were lying down. When it is appropriate, I will also demonstrate to you some Self Care techniques which can ease any stiffness that may occur in the next day or two.

Setting Your Next Appointment

When you ask:

'How frequently do I need to have an appointment?'

My reply is:

'The frequency of massage visits depends on what you need to maintain comfort and improvement of your conditions. It is very important that you follow all my suggestions carefully over the next few days and give your body a chance to rest and recover. The relaxing effects of the massage usually lasts for two to five days."

" If you wish for longer lasting effects we may need to schedule a massage more frequently OR it may be best to schedule you for the Massage and Bodywork Program to apply some specialized bodywork.'

'In order to explore the frequency level you need you can come for the series of 3 visits at a special rate. That way each of us can discern how often you need to come in order to give you comfort and ease you desire.'

Important Note To Each Client:

You may experience some discomfort during readjustments the next few days after the massage. Thus, after your appointment it is most important that you call me 2 – 3 days after each appointment to report your progress and any discomfort. There is no charge for this telephone consultation service.

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