"...and Christy's work has helped bring my leg back to a condition that otherwise wouldn't have been possible trying to do this on my own. I can feel that she cares about my well being in a way that wasn't like what I had experienced at any of the physical therapy clinics."

~ Steve B. from Davis, CA
Massage & Biofeedback Somatic Touch© Program
Massage Techniques, Posture Assessment, Biofeedback Somatic Touch©, Active Isolated Stretch and Movement Release Techniques,
and deeply relaxing breathing procedures.
"The natural tendency of the human body is to move away from pain and seek a posture and body alignment that is centered and balanced on all levels."
Christy Friederich
A Self Awareness Program for Health and Balance
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This unique body assessment, deep tissue with fascia release work, Massage and Biofeedback Touch Program provides specialized techniques that initiate subtle neuromuscular changes for the release of stress & tension, injuries and pain in muscles, ligaments, joints and deep tissues in your body.

Benefits of AIS (Active Isolated Stretching)
Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) and other techniques of stretching assist in restoring the basic physiological function of the muscle fibers in their ability to lengthen, relax or contract. Keeping a healthy level of each of those functions within the muscles will support a state of optimum circulation and oxygen for the tissues of the muscles.

The physiological functions of the muscles are - contract. stretch, lengthen and relax. Long-term repetitive stress and/or injuries cause muscle fibers to lose their ability to move smoothly. The active yoga-like stretching and movements that lengthen the superficial and fascia tissues help to restore and maintain healthy functioning of the muscles, and support optimum circulation of blood, oxygen and cellular fluids in the muscle.

My approach to Active Isolated Stretching is to work very gently and carefully in consideration of each person's level of physical health, stability and their ability to move and stretch. Change is done slowly and sensitively in order to remain within a pain-free range of movement.

Active isolated stretching movements:
1. help to strengthen and lengthen the superficial and deep fascia.
2. assist the body to repair itself and to prepare for daily activity.
3. restore structural alignment, balance, strength and vital energy.
4. teach you to notice habits of movement or position in your daily routines that create strain, stiffness and pain.
5. help you to learn how to release tension, stress, correct postural imbalances, relax spasms, release chronic contractions and restrictions in muscles.
The Relaxation Breath©
Relaxation Breath is used as I apply BST and direct the person to do Isolated Active Stretching and yoga-like movements. The combination of breath and stretching helps to bring in needed oxygen while releasing tension throughout the body.

Deep breathing combined with movements initiates a gentle, gradual release process that creates the changes needed for reducing stress, spasms and pain in the body.
Benefits of BST & Breath Techniques:
* Relaxes the whole musculoskeletal system.
* Brings releases of restrictions in the joints, muscles and tissues around the spine and the pelvis.
* The deepening of relaxation brings new oxygen in the blood.
* Brings new blood and oxygen to the brain.
* Quiets the nervous system.
* The expansion of the ribs releases tensions in the muscles and tissues between the ribs.
* Brings relief from pain and emotional stress.

When I have clients go through this touch and movement procedure I often see a look of wonderment on their faces about this new way of being able to sense their body. Our ability to sense movements is a natural ability. It is there all the time, sleeping or waking, regardless of whether we pay attention to it or not.

Both techniques, Biofeedback Somatic Touch & active stretching, work naturally with the body's physiological functions and abilities. The activity creates sensory stimulation in the body's tissues to help improve circulation, increase the health and elasticity of muscle joints and fascia and to improve coordination of movement.
Biofeedback Somatic Touch©
The application of Biofeedback Somatic Touch© helps to alert and focus the proprioceptive sensory system of the body. Through the use of BST you acquire a new level of ability in sensing the body's connections between the brain centers and the muscles being consciously touched and moved.

Both techniques, Biofeedback Somatic Touch & active stretching, work naturally with the body's physiological functions and abilities. The activity creates sensory stimulation in the body's tissues to help improve circulation, increase the health and elasticity of muscle joints and fascia and to improve coordination of movement.

Some of these excercises and movements are explained thoroughly and illustrated in our Self Care Manual.
  • During a series of treatments you will begin to notice a general easing of stress, chronic aches, pains and muscle spasms, release of fascia constrictions, improvement of scar tissue and stiffness throughout the body.
  • Your posture becomes balanced and centered.
  • Muscles, joints and ligaments become properly aligned.
  • Your body moves with more ease.
  • You gain a steady, gradual improvement in strength, vitality and a whole new sense of balance and improvement in your posture.
  • An additional physical benefit is that when your body's muscles and tissues are relaxed blood and lymph will flow more freely throughout the body restoring the vitality of all tissues in the body.
  • As a result you will find that it more easy to maintain calmness of emotions, and a sense of vitality and wellness throughout your body.
<< Active, sports oriented people take note >>
This unique approach to inner body sensing and learning helps you to become acutely alert about what you can do to prevent injuries. You will also improve flexibility, strength and be able to recover more quickly from strenuous work and activities. By participating in this holistic health program you gain a new working knowledge about your body and a confidence in your ability to maintain a healthy and balanced approach to health and exercise.
Your First Visit
A.   Evaluation:
We discuss what prompted your call. This first visit may take 1 hour to ½ hours or more in order to complete.
An example of some questions about you:
  • How can I help you today?
  • What specific areas of your body do you feel need extra attention?
  • What is your usual level of tension or pain? (1 to 10+)
  • What is the quality of your pain?
  • Does it extend anywhere from the site of origin?
  • Did you have an accident? A fall?
  • Is there anything else I should know?
B.   Posture Assessment:
Before I do my table work techniques I assess your posture. For more details see the Posture Assessment page.
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